Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Use a Fast Debt Consolidation Loan to Get Around Smartly With Debt Recovery Agents

You should think about a fast debt consolidation loan when you are worried about getting hounded by debt recovery agents which is the worst you can expect. Just imaging, going out to a party and suddenly your car is stopped by collection agents for recovery of old dues. Or you are sitting at home with family and friends, and unexpectedly there is a knock from unwelcome guests- the bank recovery guys. Have you realized why this situation arises in the first place? Had you kept your debts under control, you could have easily paid them off.

Root Cause Of Debts

But the situation is otherwise. Our over dues are much more than our income sources. Thanks to numerous credit cards we own with huge credit limits, fully used! Thanks to numerous personal loans available in market to buy goods! They give artificial purchasing power in our hands and make path for debt recovery agents to enter our lives. Only a fast debt consolidation loan can help in this situation. For example, our monthly salary is $6000 and we have 3 credit cards with maximum limit of $5000 each. Also, we have got a consumer loan for $25000 to buy home stuff. We are currently capable of buying goods worth $40,000 ($5000 X 3 credit cards plus the loan limit of $25000). But have you imagined how are we going to pay back? Till how long you can pay smoothly and how far are loan providers wait for debt recovery.

How Debt consolidation Will Help

It's time we think of getting a fast debt consolidation loan. Simply pay entire dues in one single shot from money taken from a fresh loan and keep debt recovery agents away from us. The advantage is that we can go for settlement negotiation and get penalties and interest waived and loan amounts reduced. Debt consolidation companies can help us with this. For example, if we have to pay back $15000 plus $3000 as penalties and interest, our loan consolidation company can negotiate to waive off penalty of $3000 and reduction of principal amount of $15000. Maybe we can settle for total payment of $10000. The consolidation company can then finance us with $10000 at a cheaper interest rate, then what we were paying earlier. Also we can get our monthly installment fixed to our comfort.

Some people who are already fed up from debt recovery agents, fear that these companies will charge exorbitant fee for their service. On the contrary, various reputed companies provide fast debt consolidation loans. They have websites where we can use debt calculator for free. Also we can get free quotes from them. We can always compare quotes from several debt management companies and then go for best. Some companies also provide us with free professional counseling and guidance. Also check for companies offering post consolidation services and advice.

We can use a fast debt consolidation loan and all this to our benefit and keep these debt recovery agents out of our homes and lives.

Debt recovery is very painful process. In order to avoid debt recovery agents messing our lives, we should go for debt consolidation as soon as possible. The good part is that we have an option to go for cheap and fast debt consolidation loan in case the high cost being charged by financial companies is bothering us.

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